Who Is It For?


If a child you are concerned about…







  • Is not realising his/her full social or academic potential
  • Is continually unhappy, withdrawn, quiet
  • Is misbehaving, gets involved in playground fights or often argues with peers/siblings/parents/teachers
  • You think he/she suffers from ADHD or has been diagnosed with ADHD
  • Is at risk of being/is excluded from school
  • Has suffered trauma
  • Has suffered emotional, physical or sexual abuse
  • Is (or in the process of being) adopted or fostered
  • Suffers because of separated, divorced parents
  • Suffers from stress, anxiety or phobias
  • Has suffered a loss or bereavement of any kind
  • Deals with terminal illness of a family member
  • Is hospitalised
  • Is ill, disabled, or autistic
  • Finds it difficult to make friends
  • Bullies or is being bullied

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