Play Therapy in Schools

Play and Creative Arts Therapy helps to release the academic potential of children who perform at low levels.

Children from different cultures, genders and abilities can be helped by Play Therapy.

There are many reasons why children don’t achieve. Sometimes they simply are not developmentally ready. There can be a variety of other reasons why they are blocked.

ID-100158151Teachers equip children with the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve their expected levels of performance. Teachers have an extremely busy and demanding schedule so it is impossible to deal with all aspects of a child’s developmental progress. Usually, there is insufficient time available when a child’s emotional needs become exceptional.

My role is to enable children to recognise the emotional barriers that block their ability to learn.

There are so many different ways children express their emotional problems. What teachers see and deal with is the effect, not the cause.

A child you teach who misbehaves, constantly interrupts your class, appears to suffer from ADHD, shouts out, often gets involved in arguments or playground fights, you informed the parents but the problems still exist, needs extra help. We can work together to support his/her effectiveness in learning and to reduce/eliminate problematic behaviour.

Sometimes you wonder about a child who is very quiet, rarely speaks out loud, appears bothered by something, is withdrawn, his/her academic potential is not reaching the expected results.

Quiet children also face emotional difficulties and are frequently unnoticed because they choose to be. Even though their behaviour does not disrupt the class, they still need and want help but express it differently to the over active and very loud child.

Schools have access to Play Therapy for children age 3 to 14.
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