Coaching For Parents

shutterstock_143889733Being a parent is not an easy task. We sometimes run out of ideas how to improve our relationship with our child. At school we are taught how to read, write and count but we are not taught how to be a parent. This is a complicated task which is assumed to be a natural thing to do. However, many of us struggle at different stages of our children’s development.

Our patience often wears thin and we become desperate for solutions. We read books and listen to advice from friends and family. This is when Filial Play can help.

Filial Play Coaching and Mentoring for parents provides support for parents/carers in nurturing skills. These sessions will show parents/carers how to play in a non-directive way with children.

The valuable time that parents/carers will spend during Filial Play sessions will improve their relationship with their child. Parents/carers will receive coaching to improve their interactions with their child and make the bond between them stronger. The idea of Filial Play is that as a parent, under the guidance of the therapist, you become an expert in dealing with your child. When you are ready, you will continue what you learned in your own space and time.

If you would like to learn more about this process, please contact me