Scheduling a consistent appointment time each week is helpful in providing consistency and predictability for the child who enters play therapy. This provides continuity and more efficient treatment. Sessions take place once a week, and last 50 minutes.

The play therapy session is called “Special Time” to make the child feel that it is truly special for him/her. During “Special Time” a child develops a sense of safety and trust, in the presence of the play therapist, to express their thoughts and feelings.

When you arrive at the preliminary meeting, I will explain the referral process and how I assess the number of sessions required for your child. The more severe the difficulty the higherthe number of sessions will be recommended. Most of all, I will be happy to see you and your child to have a chat about the issues from your perspective and from the child’s perspective. Everything that we will talk about will remain confidential.

To make an appointment contact me by email at

Or by phone at (+44) 07887388943

In case of cancellation, I must be informed at least two days in advance.